Cookbook - SSL VPN Web and Tunnel Mode

  • FortiGate 5.4
  • 4 years ago

In this video, you will allow remote users to access your internal network using an SSL VPN, connecting by web mode, or by tunnel mode using FortiClient. Web Mode allows users to access network resources, such as the Internal Segmentation Firewall (or ISFW) used in this example. Users connecting via Tunnel Mode will be able to access the internet, but with all traffic passing through the FortiGate, protected by your FortiGate's security policies and profiles. The FortiGate will also verify that the remote user's AntiVirus software is installed and up-to-date. This example assumes that you have already created an SSL user account and SSL-users group. Visit Fortinet's documentation library at or our cookbook site at Best viewed in 1080p.