Virtual Domains in FortiOS 5.4.

  • FortiGate 5.4
  • 3 years ago

In this video, you will learn how to use virtual domains (VDOMs) to host multiple FortiOS instances on a single FortiGate. In this example, two companies (called Company A and Company B) use the same FortiGate but have different Internet service providers (ISPs). To provide both companies with network and Internet connectivity, each company has its own VDOM (called VDOM-A and VDOM-B) that are managed independently. The root VDOM will be used to manage the FortiGate’s global settings. VDOM-A will be used for direct internet access, using 2 interfaces. VDOM-B will have a more complex internal network, using 5 interfaces. Visit Fortinet's documentation library at or our video portal at Best viewed in 1080p.